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Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations.  Deuteronomy 32:7


On December 25, 1920, Christmas morning, the Holy Spirit led the following ladies to start a home prayer meeting.  They were Sis. Alberta Jackson, Sis. Rosie Minifee, and Sis. Thignoria King Edwards.  This was the beginning of Edwards Chapel Baptist Church.  Later, these devoted women joined with families of Bro. W. M. Minifee, Bro. Henry Rimes, Bro. Sandy Edwards, and Bro. James Jackson.  It was a great spiritual prayer meeting from home to home. This group of Christian believers were led by the Holy Spirit to build a small brush harbor under the leadership of Rev. A. B. Edwards.  There they worshiped the Lord in spirit and in truth.


In 1921, Rev. A. B. Edwards gave a small plot of land to the church.  A small building was erected for worship service.  Soon after the building was constructed, Rev. A. B. Edwards, who had already grown old in age, health began to fail.


In 1922, the Holy Spirit led these Christian believers to become an organized church under the leadership of Rev. Moore, the Moderator of the Texas and Louisiana Baptist Association.


In 1923, Rev. John Madison was called as pastor of the church.  Under his leadership, this same group of Christian believers bought a lot on the north side of Gregg Addition where a small building was erected for worship service.  There they grew spiritually and collectively.


In 1933, Rev. C. A. Washington was called as pastor.  They later bought a lot at 1900 Olive Street.  The church building was moved to its present location.  Preachers who have pastored this church were Rev.  J. Madison, Rev. L. Homer, Rev. Burns, Rev. Gout, Rev. E. Hurd, Rev. V. L. Thomas, Rev. J. B. Davis, Rev. Bowen, Rev. E. B. Humble and Rev. C. A. Washington.  Other pastors were Rev. J. H. Neely (Shreveport, La), Rev. W. R. Washington (15 years, Harleton, Tx), Rev. Gregory Brooks (1 year), and Rev. R. M. Byrd (17 years, Shreveport, La).  This was the first church they pastored.  Rev. Larry Devers (4 years, San Diego, Ca), Rev. James Bell, Rev. Raymond Cross, Rev. Thomas Ford, and our current pastor, Rev. Dr. Tracy Andrus.




Deacons that have served this church were Fred Simon, Ed Minniweather, Z. S. Edwards, A. D. Davis, Eddie Jefferson, Odell Phillips, George Hall, Joe Harper, Cipeo Reed, Cleveland


Daniels, Prentis Roquemore, O. D. Mitchell, John Davis, Willie Lee Tillman, all are deceased, and Larry Stocker.

Our present deacons are Chairman, Freddie Daniels, M. C. Thompson, Samuel Knighten, and Terry Price.


Under the leadership of Pastor Tracy Andrus, 2 ministers and 2 deacons were ordained, a mass choir was formed, Pianist Sis. Mary Jo Haggerty, Director, Min. Tyrus Robinson; the Fellowship Hall was built, and a church van was purchased.  Sis. Ola Thompson, Bro. Jon Charvis, Bro. Bernard Young, Bro. Desmond Andrus, Sis. Domnique Stoker, and Sis. Wilette Williams were called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Down through the years, much more has been accomplished in the lives of God’s people.  The most important 98 year accomplishments of Edwards Chapel are the number of souls that have been saved, the baptizing of many that are healed, redeemed, and restored. 


In 2018, as the church marches on, our leader Pastor Andrus, shares the love of God and preaches the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ.  With the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit, the best is yet to come.

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