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Weekly Bible Study

Study to show thyself approved unto God ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

Daily Study

Monday 4/15

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

John 11:17-27

Tuesday 4/16

Judas Returns Money, Hangs Himself

Matthew 27:3-10



Wednesday 4/17

Jesus Crucified

Matthew 27:32-44

Thursday 4/18

Guards Secure the Tomb

Matthew 27:62-66

Friday 4/19

Mary Meets Jesus Outside the Tomb

John 20:11-18

Saturday 4/20

Reigning Triumphant with Christ



Sunday 4/21

"Meet Me in Galilee

Matthew 28:1-15

Why Study?



For Christians the Bible culminates in the New Testament account of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some 2,000 years after the time of Christ, His life and ministry remain relevant even in our contemporary world. Regardless of how one views Christ, like the Bible, He cannot be ignored. Far from being a distant prophet or irrelevant figure in history, Jesus Christ is at the Christianity's foundation. Particularly studying the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will help anyone gain a better understanding of Jesus and His mission.


God's Word to Us

For people the world over, the Bible is God's Word to us. People inspired by God recorded the words that make up the Bible, thus communicating what theologians call special revelation. In other words, God has chosen to reveal Himself not only through creation and conscience, but also specially through Jesus and through His Word. Studying the Bible, then, is a matter of course for those who love God and desire to follow Him.

To Know God Better

Since the Bible is God's Word, studying it is a way to know God better. Through His words we come to know not only the nature and attributes of God, but we also come to understand His plan for each of us. In a larger sense, we also come to know God's plan in history, His sovereignty, His providence, His love and more. There is only so much we can learn about God apart from the Bible. But with it we can know God better.

Avoiding Error

Studying the Bible also helps us avoid theological error. The Bible tells us, "Watch your life and doctrine closely" (1 Timothy 4:16 NIV), adding that we "must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine" (Titus 2:1 NIV). If the Bible is our authority for faith and life, then the inspired words it contains will help us to avoid error. In a pluralistic world with many religious and non-religious ideas competing for attention, studying the Bible provides us with a firm foundation in God's truth rather than the errors of the world. Knowing the Bible also helps us respond to error and answer questions that skeptics and others may have about it.

Copyright 2009 Robert Velarde.

Weekly Power Hour Tuesdays @6pm

Tuesday 4/9

Leviticus 10 - The Death of Nadab and Abihu


Taught by Rev. Dr. Tracy Andrus

Tuesday 4/16

Leviticus 11 - Clean and Unclean Food


Taught by Minister Aaron Spencer

Tuesday 4/23

Leviticus 12 - Purification After Childbirth

Tuesday 4/30

Leviticus 13 - Regulations About Defiling Skin Diseases

Tuesday 5/7

Leviticus 14 - Cleansing From Defiling Skin Diseases

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